A) For Indian Tourist

  1. Valid Driving License to ride a Two Wheeler Motor Vehicle with or Without Gear in India
  2. Original Aadhar Card/Original Voter Card/ A Copy of your PassPort/ A test mail from your Company’s E Mail ID
  3. Online Transfer of Rs.1 either from your Debit/Credit Card ( Not Compulsory if Condition (i) and (ii) is Satisfactory)

Note: Document A(ii) will be deposited at the time of Pick up and returned during Drop off

B) For International Visitors

  1. Valid Driving License of Home Country
  2. International Driving Permit
  3. Valid Visa/Passport

Note: Original to be brought, copy will be retained for record.

For Student

 1. Valid Driving License to ride a Two Wheeler Motor Vehicle with or Without Gear in India.

2.Original Aadhar Card/Original Voter Card/ A Copy of your Passport

3.Original College ID

4. Online Transfer of Rs.1 either from your Debit/Credit Card ( Not Compulsary if Condition (i) and (ii) is Satisfactory)

(Note: Above mentioned documents needs to be verified in original of each rider and Byke Ride reserves the right to reject the Booking if the Documents Submitted are not Satisfactory)

1.Our office timings are from 9 am to 7 pm. All bookings fall within this time period and no pick-ups or drop-offs can be scheduled before 9 am or after 7 pm.

2.Refundable deposit does not include rent. It is a security deposit which takes care of damages, traffic/parking/law violations if any

3.Only the customer is permitted to drive the vehicle and under no circumstances, no one is allowed to drive the vehicle

4.We charge Rs.100  for each Hour for all bikes/scooters as late return Penalty

5.Customer is responsible for his insurance; Bykeride will not be responsible for any accidental expenses of Rider.

6.The two wheeler might be returned at the same time and date mentioned in Booking form with no harm.

7.The customer shall use the bike entirely at his/her own risk and agrees that BykeRide will not accept any responsibility or be held accountable for any loss, injury or death as a result of, or leading from the hire of any of the vehicles.

8.Customer/Rider should respect and follow Traffic rules and regulation. All Challans issued due to rider negligence needs to be paid in full to the penalizing authority.

9.Driving under the influence of Alcohol/Drugs is strictly prohibited. BykeRide will not be responsible to compensate for any mishaps and their consequences in such cases. The customer will be liable to pay for all damages to the vendor for the same.

10.Two-wheeler bookings are subject to availability. BykeRide reserves the right to cancel any booking if deemed necessary.

11.The customer is not authorized to lend the two-wheeler to any person without first informing BykeRide. In such cases we will need to verify the documents of the additional rider before starting the trip.

12.Photos of Customer will be taken with the Bike delivered for our records.

13.The rented vehicles should not be used in any event Eg. Rallies, Racing purpose, Stunts, Goods Transportation or to tow any vehicle.

14.In case a customer feels that they will be late for the drop, they should call the field executive or customer care and ask for a trip extension. Extensions are subject to availability

15. One helmet will be given complimentary along with the bike, Pillion’s helmet will not be chargeable but depends upon the availability.

16. The bike would be given with full tank of fuel and it has to be returned with full tank of fuel.

17.If you are hiring a bike for a long period and expect to travel a long way then you must agree to have the bike serviced somewhere along the way. We will help you plan and arrange for this.

18. The vehicle speeds are tracked and monitored remotely through GPS devices to ensure safety of all Bikes. For every Over-speeding beyond speed limit there will be a fine of Rs 100 per alert.